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Ride the Wave - G.O.O.N.


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G.O.O.N.  Aka Ali Hubb

GOON is a 25 year old rapper and audio engineer out of Newark NJ, also raised in East Atlanta .


GOON is an artist that has brutally honest stories about hustling from the most dangerous street corners on the East Coast, to being down south in trap houses.


Growing up in poverty made him a reporter. Thru music he tells his story in honest ways that others hide. He had trouble with the law before he realized that music is a way to express himself and to take his anger from past and present situations out of his heart that made him only focus on his music. 


His work ethic is crazy - in one year he recorded 387 songs, and still going. At first it was therapy, now he's  doin it to be heard so his music can help others. Goon is versatile and refuses to limit himself to one sound, one voice. In fact, he has many. As Lil Wayne said, "he has so many styles he is a group"......

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